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Tip of the Month

In addition to the tips listed below, Orvis has produced an incredible series of videos that you can watch for free. There is something there for flyfishers of every level. Click here to check them out.  

    Fishing Knots with Forceps:
Tie Easy Kreh Loop Fishing Knots

Your forceps can be used as an easy fishing knot tool. We all know using a loop knot allows a lure or live bait to behave more natually, but many loop knots are just a hassle to tie. Use your forcepts to tie the simple Kreh Loop in seconds. Click here to see how.

An Excellent Resource for AFF Members

The AFF Board wanted you to be aware of an excellent resource for Fly Fishing. It is a 13 episode show focusing exclusively on various aspects of our sport. The content is more advanced that the first season, which is geared for the beginner fly fisher.

Each episode goes into detail on various topics like Stillwater Fishing, Advanced Stream Fishing, Euro Nymphing, and Small Stream Fly Fishing. fisher. Click here to access the shows on YouTube.
If you are a beginner Fly Fisher, or would like a refresher on the basics, click here to watch season one. 
We hope you enjoy and benefit from watching these episodes.

Top Spring Fishing Flies

As spring begins, more and more insects begin to make it on the trout's menu.

Knowledge of the top flies for spring and how to use them are huge in helping you catch more fish and more consistently when you are out on the lake or river.

Click here for "A Spring Guide to Put You on More Fish" written by Allen with The Catch and The Hatch, in association with MidCurrent.


Hatch Charts for the Sierras

Find out when and where bugs hatch.  Also, what flies to use during the hatch.

Click here for more information. Then choose "Hatches" at the top of the page where you can then look at Sierra Tahoe, or Eastside, Westside or the Southern Sierra.

Shasta Cascade Information

Click here for useful information about fishing and other activities from the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association.

Wading Safety

Now that we are getting inot spring, many of us will be spending more time on the river. I feels it's a good idea to talk about wading safety. There is a saying about cyclists, "There are two kinds of riders; those who have been down and those who are going down." Same thing could be said of waders.

I hope you take time to read this article on safe wading.  It is packed with valuable information -

One of the things not mentioned in the article regarding how to using a wading staff. 

Always place your staff upstream of your body, leaning into the current. Should you begin to lose your balance, the current will push you upright rather than downstream.

I was at first skeptical of a wading staff. That was before my first fall in the river. Now I’m a believer. Remember this, “The wading staff is not an old man’s cane, it’s a wise man’s tool”.

Tight lines and safe wading.
Rick Healy 

Rod Tip Dip 

If you have ever struggled with having your line tangle around your rod tip while on the river, this tip is easy and works great, give it a try. Click here.

Tips For Summer Fishing

We are in the dog days of summer, click here are a few tips that will help your summer fishing.